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When did the design team begin at Archilime?

The design team was born out of our client’s needs – they were investing in marketing their new developments through top quality external and internal CGIs, aerial montages, animation and virtual tours, and then would take these to another company to use for a brochure or to upload to a website.

We were missing a trick – we had already formed a relationship, invested in the clients vision and learned about their spec, location and key selling points. This best places us to create your brand – design a logo, tell your story through copywriting and carrying the brand style into your brochures and websites.




Content Discovery Sessions
Who is a part of it?

The design team features myself as head of design, with 16 years experience working within mainly agency environments, along with freelance and working in-house. In more recent years, the majority of clients have been within the property sector, giving me a wealth of knowledge into the market, and the services our clients are looking for, and can benefit from.

Emily was the first team member, bringing her knowledge from her design degree and first job into an environment where she has developed and flourished to be the lead designer in many of our projects, using intelligent thinking and creative skills to deliver choice and recommendations to our clients founded  through research into the market, competitors and influential brand s that are relevant to the audience.



Designing for the property sector - Emily mid-weight designer

Lewis is the latest addition, extending our capacity to deliver social media that speaks to our audiences – whether that’s the buyers of the future, or identified demographics for particular developments. The writing skills he obtained from his journalism degree along with his great success in his side-hustle Instagram account, makes him the perfect addition to our team, enabling us to inject continuous ideas into the channels to promote engagement, awareness and ultimately followers and buyers of homes within your current or future developments.

Designing for the property sector - Horndon Field brochure
How does the design team offer value for our clients?

The design team offers value by being totally in step with the company’s ethos, brand, architectural styling and materials gained through the essence of our offering – relationship. Each team within Archilime offers a creative element that contributes to the same brand, which we will help create, tell and promote.

Our passion for the story we are telling (brand) overflows into our creative ideas and implementation – thinking through each design decision and how that relates to the target audience and the message we are wanting to communicate.

Netherfields Plot 4 Living Room
How does the design team work together with the Visualisation and Interior design teams?

The design team benefits from the informed visualisation team with the detailed plans for the development – the materials used, render, landscaping, kitchen and bathroom spec, which all feed in to getting a detailed brief on the quality, style and aim of the development. This can help inform the icon for a logo or the typeface chosen to reflect its values. The interior design team has often already spoken to the client about preferred/suitable colour palettes, textures and style which again feeds into the brand styling to give a true sense of the home, to the audience.

Designing for the property sector - Marie's vision
What is your vision for the future?

Recently the design team has extended the marketing offering by implementing and planning clients social media and blog content. This has enabled us to continue strengthening the brand, carrying the clients messages not only through the images and logo, but through the weekly posts their potential audience sees on their social grid and feeds. 

We want to see the department developing by extending these services, with this strategic thinking fitting together, running campaigns to drive people to social accounts or to join a mailing list, further future proofing and extending your relationship and reach to clients, of not only your current development, but future ones.



Our website design service has also progressed rapidly, and this is another area we would like to build upon, expanding the web department for the benefit of our clients, and expand the services we can offer. 

With my relocation of Cornwall, and many of our current and future clients working in this beautiful area, we hope to see a Cornwall office in our future, with an expanded team there, making the most of local talent, offering flexibility between Devon and Cornwall for the team and being well placed to visit our sites and clients further down into the South West!

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