Soft Launch for Property Development

Entice buyers, and give them a feel for your development site early on with our ‘Soft Launch’ service that hits the spot with its tailored marketing. Within our full marketing suite, we have a ‘soft launch’ phase where we discuss with you what the main elements of your development site are, that can be shown quickly and effectively to potential buyers. This means that you can get a detailed snapshot of marketing out to the public eye whilst the rest of your marketing materials are being created.

A Mini Marketing Package with Big Impact

Getting the key details of your development out there, means great publicity for your site development, whilst a more complete marketing suite is being prepared in the background. Our ‘soft launch’ package is both cost efficient and effective. It usually consists of 2 x CGIs, a set of floor plans, some site branding, a high-quality professional site plan of the development to showcase the ‘key plot’ and a mini digital 4 or 8 page brochure to share with potential buyers. This bite sized but detailed package, for a single, most valued plot (or couple of plots for a larger site) will raise buyers’ interest in your development. Furthermore, if you sell a plot from the soft launch alone, then it is a quick return and demonstrates just how desirable your site really is!

Smart Marketing Move

No matter how large your site is, starting with a soft launch is certainly good business sense as we can offer you a high-quality turnaround in minimal time. Depending on our lead-in times, it can take as little as 2-3 weeks to get your full development out to the public and the interest this can raise might result in a rapid sale for you and fast return on your investment. It is also a quick, but high-quality option for launching a larger site, in phases.

Why Wait?

Create interest now. The sooner you start to showcase your site, the sooner you will have potential buyers looking at your development over your competitors’ sites, and you will be extremely well placed for when you release your full marketing campaign later down the line. This should ensure that you sell your plots at a faster rate than without using initiating a Soft Launch, as this package creates an awareness and buzz about what you are doing, where you are and all that your site has to offer.

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