Find the value in who you are and leverage it to sell

Decide on a clear direction for where you want to take your business in the next 12 months. Our discovery sessions are all about working with you to find out who you are beneath the surface, enabling us to create key messages for your identified target audience.

We’ll explore your values and goals, talking through who you are – and who you want to be. We’ll also look at how you’re currently presenting yourself and whether that approach is going to get you there.

Talking things through together like this has huge value in and of itself. But you’ll also come away with an in-depth report on your USPs and target audience, along with suggested themes, images, and blog titles forming a plan for how we can communicate with them clearly, accurately, and emotively.



Content Discovery Sessions - The Workshop
Explore who you are as a brand and a business

Marketing your business without defining your brand is like building a home without a foundation.

The most effective marketing – materials that will actually achieve your goal of selling the homes you’re building – is far easier to create with a strong, cohesive, and engaging brand bringing everything together and raising it up.

Once we’ve worked together to explore and refine your vision for who you are, we can start planning how to employ that across your entire online and social media presence.



Content Discovery Sessions - Cornish Lifestyle
Create a clear action plan

Once we have all the background research and information from our discovery sessions, we can make a plan of action. For instance, your social media action plan will include things like:

  • Key themes to stick to so you are always cohesive and compelling
  • Subjects to highlight to draw attention to your development’s best features


Content Discovery Sessions - People
  • Recommended imagery to use to underscore your brand and vision
  • Hashtags that will add value to your posts
  • Social media channels to use for the best results with your target audience
Content Discovery Sessions
How our discovery sessions work in detail

We’ll sit down together in-person or virtually for a series of exploratory chats aimed at:

  • Discovering who you are – your core values, mission, offering, and where you want your business to go.
  • Reviewing your social media profiles – we look into your existing social media accounts. Is there a theme of subjects or imagery? Are you fully utilising your brand? Are you demonstrating your core offering and who you are?



Acre Invest
  • Examining your web presence – is there anything on your website that could be updated? Are there any useful pages that could be added? What blog posts would reflect the direction we both want to move in with your brand?
  • Planning the actions to take – armed with all this detail, we go away and create a report that includes our findings from our research and discovery session. This will focus on your USPs and target audience to enable us to create your key messages.
  • Providing a guide for the future – optionally, we can also look at extending your brand guidelines so you have a blueprint for any posts or communications you want to make.
Content Discovery Sessions - Consultation
Keep your sales goals front and centre

This is all done with one clear aim in mind:

To develop a brand that is going to be an active and powerful tool to use to sell your development to your target audience.

Doing this requires a thorough exploration of your values, who you are as a business, and who you want to be.

After our discovery sessions, we’ll both be ready to start  communicating that to the audience we’ve chosen. Truly, powerfully, and persuasively.

Let’s start our journey together. Reach out to us to set up a discovery session or to talk through the value you will get from yours.

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