A ‘Company Rave’ is a new concept we would like to introduce into our monthly Archilime Visualisation Newsletters, to help give a shout out to some of the amazing small businesses out there; and to show our appreciation for them. These will always be businesses that we have worked with and feel that we can recommend; as some of them don’t always get the exposure that we feel they deserve. Spreading the love, Archilime style.

We would like to dedicate this month’s Company Rave to Tony Cobley, who runs a successful small business in Plymouth. Apart from being a fantastic photographer, he has consistently high standards, is easy to work with and very professional. Having got his hands on his first camera at the age of twelve, he has been honing his skills ever since! Tony went on to study Photography at University, and he is also an Associate of the British Institute of Professional Photography.

Below is a Photo-montage Tony has provided the photography for us, based on a project in Mount Wise, Plymouth.

Understanding and communicating a company’s brand is very important to Tony, and this is evident in all aspects of the work he does. From capturing and communicating images to building close working relationships with marketing, PR, design and branding agencies locally and nationally, Tony ensures that his clients get exactly the image that they need.

From our experience of working with Tony, we know that unless we are 100% happy with any aspect of a shot, then he is not happy either. He will work tirelessly to ensure that he has fully captured what we require, even if that means returning to a site on a completely different day when the weather is not behaving itself! Here at Archilime, we totally trust Tony with all our photo-montage work, knowing that he will take high-resolution shots that we can seamlessly integrate into our CGI work. Recently, he helped us with the montage work we did for Hertford Investors based in Plymouth for a project called Teesra House in Mount Wise, Plymouth. As ever, the photographs he took were fantastic, and enabled us to create a photorealistic vision for our client.

Therefore, if you are looking for a talented and experienced Photographer, we would highly recommend Tony.

Visit Tony Cobley’s website for more information: https://tonycobley.com/biography/