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Control your content and start selling off-plan

You might be thinking that you won’t need to bother with a unique website for your development.

But if you’re like most of our clients, you’ll also be the sort of person who knows how important it is to have input.

If so, you’ve probably been finessing every aspect of the property you’re developing throughout the design phase. Handing over control now – and that’s what you’re doing if you don’t have your own website – will end up feeling weird.

Plus, if you’re interested in selling off-plan, having your own website is a key part of making that happen.

Finally, it’s also worth having a little think: where else are you going to put the rest of the awesome marketing package you’re having created if you don’t have a website?

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Stay in control of your content

You’re going to end up with a whole set of exciting marketing materials to use to sell your development. You’ll have CGIs. Animations. Virtual tours. Interactive site maps.

The decision of where you’re going to host all of that is an important one. Because if you have this whole brilliant marketing suite and you hand it over to someone else to use, you have no control over what they do with it.

If they end up hosting your development’s marketing on a bland, generic website, it’s a little like buying someone a lovely present and then tying an old sock around it instead of a bow.

The present still has great value. But you’ve not really gone the whole hog in terms of presentation.

With your own website, you’re the boss. You can monitor emails, write a blog post, make sure the rest of your marketing package is being used to its fullest potential, and guarantee everything is neatly tied together with your branding.

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Use your website to sell off-plan

There’s also the need to adapt to the way selling property is changing.

The traditional way of selling still has its place. Getting someone in to take a few photos of your property after it’s built and then publishing them still works.

Yet we find that many of our clients are searching for an alternative too. One that gets the sales process off the ground much faster.

Having your own website is part of a successful approach we’ve seen sell properties “off plan” before on many occasions. If that sounds like something you’re going to be aiming for, your own website is a must.


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How do we go about creating a unique website for you?

We create bespoke websites for each of our clients. You can add extra pages to the standard structure before we start and we’ll then create full design concepts for two completely unique websites based on it.

You’ll then be free to choose between these, give feedback, comment, discuss, and agree on everything before we build your final website. The websites we create fall into two categories:

  • Company website – perfect if you’re a new company that’s just starting out. This is the ideal place to house the animations, virtual tour, and CGIs you’re getting for your flagship project and any future developments.
  • Development website – is this development a one-off for your current company? Or is it so high-profile it needs its own separate marketing campaign? A unique development website is the way to go.
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Keep control, present, and sell

Having a bespoke company or development website gives you the ideal place to present your entire marketing suite and sell your development.

It can often help you do so “off-plan”. That’s because you’re in control of everything that happens. You can ensure your development is presented in the best possible light – tying a nice bow around it, if you will.

Finally, post-COVID, people trust buying things online much more than they used to. When you combine that with the current state of the property market in the UK, it means motivated buyers are searching for properties online well in advance of them actually being built.

A well-designed, professional, properly branded website that you control can be your best tool to take advantage of this, letting you have as much input in the sales process as you did in every other part of your development’s design.


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