Today our lead creative, Dan Stone, has travelled back in time to recap on one of our most successful projects based in Exeter, Devon

Back in November of 2017, we were commissioned to produce two Exterior CGIs of this high-end residential property development in Exeter. Whilst this kind of image is extremely popular for pushing through planning applications in the residential and commercial sectors; these images are the closest a potential buyer will get to seeing their new home before breaking ground. We have found that this is a powerful tool in marketing property that is under construction or modification which, in-turn, often releases capital ahead-of-time allowing for a smoother and less worrisome transition from one build to the next.

After the initial consultation phase, as a team, we went to site to gain a greater understanding of all factors that the project would entail. We take our site visits very seriously. They are essential in building a relationship with both the client and the project as a whole. We inspect the lie of the land, native vegetation and assess the general design style vernacular in the immediate vicinity which we take into account when generating detailed and accurate 3D virtual model spaces further down the line.

So much can be taken from seeing things in the flesh; it is hard to envisage project specifics and build an emotional connection to projects if correspondence is only carried out by email.

After assessing the proposed drawings and information gathered on-site, a model space is generated for the project and then rendered out as clay drafts to confirm the form of the building and its context. This is often the first time that a client will see their proposed design in a 3D format.

With the massing confirmed, we then develop the CGIs by introducing bespoke textures, appropriate furniture & fittings and vegetation. This type of lifestyle CGI beats 2D line drawings hands-down when it comes to resonating with potential buyers as they find it much easier to form an emotional connection with their prospective property.

The elegant glass frontage allowed us to create a candid front view of the property as a whole, with glimpses into the luxurious interior. The driveway angle was selected to give a sense of scale and proportion for the viewer – to really get a feel for how the development sits in its plot.

This property is all about light and space, and so our creative team made good use of accurately placed natural light source to illuminate the sheer, crisp lines and the glass balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows, creating an uplifting ambiance.

When big decisions need to be made, it helps to see something with your own eyes in it’s truest form. Exterior CGIs may help you facilitate this.