Have you given genuine consideration to the importance of offering 3D animation in your CGI?

If not it may be prudent to go back a step and ask a more rudimentary question. Why do customers even request architectural renders? Whether internal or external, is it not simply because somebody needs to visualise that which does not currently exist in material form, the unbuilt? Yes your render will usually provide the foundation required for an investor to part with actual capital, real hard-earned cash, and spend it on something which is currently a mere dream. No pressure then.

With the stakes so high it really is essential to make the image experience as realistic, exciting and engaging as possible. Your visualisation must be outstanding. On this basis, to overlook adding animation in to your CGI is criminal. For if a picture shows a thousand words, then an architectural 3D animation can show a million. Animations, 3D walk-throughs or 3D fly-throughs, are the perfect property marketing tool for any developer, architect or interior designer looking to showcase the potential of their project.

Such wonderment is not cheap though, your customer will have to have the budget for it. They simply cannot expect to pay a minimal amount and get an amazing 3D rendering. Studios that charge more for their work typically do so because they are more experienced and produce high quality 3D animations and renderings. Making a 3D rendering of high level requires time and experience – 3D architects who are capable of producing excellent images, deserve to be paid well. A high quality of 3D rendering, which looks fantastic and impresses investors or customers is very valuable. So, greater expenditure for a higher quality animation can be justified.

So how much is an architectural 3D rendering likely to cost?

In a recent worldwide survey, performed by CGarchitect, the average price charged by a static image of architecture was between £700 and £1,400. Whilst a standard 3D animation costs anywhere between £3,500 and £5,000. Every studio is different and prices vary, usually the studios that are producing higher quality work are charging a lot more than these quoted prices.

Below are some screenshots of what you are currently likely to encounter from the better 3D studios:



Yes it’s quite apparent that good quality 3D animation should be something which you should consider in your offering to clients, but the cost of which must be taken in to the equation. The extra time needed for 3D animation projects as opposed to 2D renderings is another resource which must be considered. Ultimately however it really is a case of horses for courses and where a straight-forward rendering is perfect for one project, it simply wouldn’t be doing the next project justice. One thing’s for sure, your customers will certainly appreciate your wisdom and thoroughness in at least giving them the options at the outset of a new project.

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