Bristol Property – Bristol is a beautiful area of the UK and its property is no different. When looking for Bristol Property you’ll notice one thing in particular; that terraced houses make up the vast majority of what’s available. Whilst terraced houses aren’t exactly uncommon throughout the rest of the UK, they make up over 60% of the Bristol Property market. That’s a lot of terraces.

So, what is it that makes the Great British terraced house so great? Whilst you might initially have some reservations about terraced houses, thinking that perhaps they are not as attractive a proposition as a semi or a detached because you’re sharing walls with others, it has some real benefits. Here are a few of them:

Amazing Architecture

There’s really nothing better that a Victorian terrace that’s teeming with period features, such as beautiful local stone, glorious sash windows, geometric terracotta floor tiles or a fireplace in every room. We love Victorian terraces for their character and charm.  They also feel more individual and tend to be more spacious than modern houses, with high ceilings and generously proportioned rooms. To boot, they come with ‘odd’ bits of space that would be considered wasted by house builders of today. But that’s what makes them unique and why we, and the British people, love them so much. It’s also why they make up such a high percentage of the property available in Bristol.


Reduced Heating Costs

When you share walls with other houses rather than the outside, it helps maintain heat and therefore you use less. Whilst terraced house prices have gone up exponentially in the last 20 years, rising about 456% since 1995, the additional benefit of saving on your heating bill makes them much easier sell too. Win, win as they say!

Larger Footprint

Despite the fact that terraced houses look smaller from the outside, they actually often have a larger footprint on the inside since the walls are shared. There’s no “extra” space like you need with a semi or a detached property, so the house is bigger than you might initially imagine. And if you’re concerned about noise, most walls are thick enough that you won’t hear your neighbours unless they’re having a party.

Bristol Property Conclusion

Terraced houses really do have some amazing benefits. The good old Victorian ones are not just packed with history but are actually easy to maintain as well. In addition, they often come with period features that are so hard to replicate in modern properties. It’s no surprise then that Bristol Property has one of the largest concentrations of terraced houses across the UK.

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