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The Importance of Imagery The process of planning applications can be a worrying time for stakeholders such as neighbours, local authorities and wildlife campaigners. Potential obstacles might include the idea that a building or development site might be an eyesore, too obtrusive within a current setting or take too much light away from other [...]

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The industry-leading Academy is moving to Exeter

When we launched our Academy, we had the vision of making Sketchup skills available to the many, not just the few. Because we believe that many types of business benefit from having basic 3D modelling capabilities in-house.  From initial concepts of complete development schemes, right through to visualisation of ideas for bespoke furniture creations, [...]

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The must-knows about your 3D visualisation company

What every architect, Designer and property developer should know about their 3D Visualisation agency… When you have a high-end property development on your hands, choosing the right partners to team up with at every stage of the process is crucial to the quality and success of your finished product. At Archilime we have been [...]

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Architectural Photo Montage – A standard for planning applications?

The majority of successful property development planning applications now include a 3D photo montage of the proposed development in situ. Less than five years ago when Archilime started out, it was only the higher-end developments that would approach us to commission this kind of detailed photo real imagery at the planning stage, now everyone's [...]

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Legacy property development

Back in March 2018 Archilime were given the exciting opportunity of producing exterior and interior CGI’s for the development named Legacy, in Bishopsteignton.  This exciting new luxury home is the newest development from Tomahawk Homes, a brand new property development firm headed up by Exeter Chief rugby players, Julian Salvi and Moray Low. A [...]

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The Oculus Quest

In March 2016 the first generation Oculus Rift was released, changing the landscape of technology and gaming and bringing virtual reality into the mainstream. But this new technology also created a huge opportunity for modernisation within the architectural industry, providing the means for 3D architectural design to be showcased in a way that fully includes [...]

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The Archilime Academy Awareness

Increased awareness of the many benefits attached to learning 3D design techniques is growing, and with that comes an influx of training centres offering Introduction courses to SketchUp software. In a saturated market what makes the Archilime Academy stand out? In all stages of Archilime, relationship comes first, and the Archilime Academy is no [...]

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Architects in Cornwall

Situated on the tip of the South west, Cornwall is well renowned within England for its beautiful sandy beaches, rugged coastline and surf culture. Within Architectural design, Cornwall is also known as the home of many of the UK’s most interesting architectural feats, from residential homes to commercial properties. Perhaps one of the most famous [...]

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