When it comes to buying a CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) you may be overwhelmed by the options. More importantly, you may not even know where to begin price-wise, and this is not just small change. Of course, the obvious thing to say is that the more expensive the CGI is, the better you’re quality will be. While that is true, there’s more to it than just that. There are more differences between low-quality CGI’s and more expensive and higher-priced CGI’s than meets the eye, other than the obvious.

First of all, what will a CGI allow you to do? In architectural design it will allow you to take a 2D plan and turn it into a realistic 3D visual that you can show clients, and yourself, exactly how everything will turn out. This really takes things up to the next level, and you’ll be able to deliver better results to your clients, and also help them feel comfortable along the way on what it is that you intend to build or change about their home, workspace, etc.

Not all CGI’s are created equal. The first thing to know when you’re looking to buy one is that the only difference is not simply the quality. With each CGI you get certain abilities to manipulate the image. With a more expensive version, for example, you may get the option to change different types of building materials to demonstrate what it would look like to help people make a choice between them. However, with a cheaper and lower quality CGI, you may just be given the bare minimum without that ability. Other examples of things you might get in a more expensive CGI that you wouldn’t in a cheaper one are the manipulation of lighting.

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Another reason that lower-quality CGI’s differ from the more expensive ones in the way in which the details are so much fuzzier. While this may be obvious, you really have to think hard on whether you want to purchase a product that won’t give yourself or your clients a perfectly clear view of what it is they’re getting and what it will look like, should they choose to make the choices they have.

Finally, with more expensive CGI’s you can provide a totally customised, fully detailed walkthrough of the building. This is not always possible on the cheaper and lower-quality CGI’s. While you may have the feature, it will not be as smooth and it won’t feel as authentic.

Ultimately, when it comes to looking and buying CGI’s, you have to remember that it’s not just the price that determines quality; it determines what features you get. Determine what features are important to you and your clients, and you’ll be ready to start picking out the right CGI.

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