In the highly competitive property market, the need to frequently re-invent yourself is key to ensure continued sales and to remain relevant in the market.

Out with the old, use of plans for presentations, and in with the new, the use of 3D architectural visualisations to clearly show to all relevant parties the vision of the end project. Architectural visualisation is, therefore, the perfect marketing tool, for seeing is believing. Once the client can actually picture the project in their minds eye, sales will naturally follow. This goes to show why the use of architectural visualisations should be a necessity in any project. Below are some more reasons why architectural visualisation is an essential part of your project design.


Showing a project in various perspectives demonstrates to the client exactly what to expect and how it will turn out. Clients are therefore able to understand complex projects very easily and the eye-catching graphics are perfect for use in marketing materials. As a result, it is possible to get both positive and constructive feedback from the client and any other parties who may have a bearing on the project.

Exterior Architectural Visualisation

Visualisation can also be helpful to see for yourself what the project will eventually look like. If necessary, it may be possible to make any alterations prior to commencing work. It is also easier to plan control measures before construction starts, once you have a clear picture of how the project will actually look in real life. Through the use of architectural visualisations, it is possible to determine whether the project will be a market fit and if so, what the appropriate marketing strategy might be for its location.

Architectural visualisation can also be used to gauge people’s thoughts on various types of architectural styles. The information gathered from this research can even be used for future projects to specifically target certain clients.

Client Satisfaction

Using visualisations can help to minimise any complaints from clients because they have already seen the visualisation of the project and therefore know exactly what to expect. There’s no ‘surprises’ for the client as it removes any room for doubt or confusion. In addition, it is easier to explain a property’s unique characteristics to a potential buyer, allowing you to highlight particular selling points.

Getting Investors

For large projects, it may be necessary to obtain funding for completion of the project. One of the best methods for supporting a funding application is with architectural visualisation. For most investors, this is a requirement so that they clearly understand the project and where their money is going. A skilled professional can even mimic real world lighting and materials for the perfect project representation.


One word of warning, make sure you use a well experienced and trusted firm for your visualisations and you will have a breeze marketing your project.

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