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Create emotive, cinematic marketing for your development

Start thinking of architectural animation as your ultimate marketing tool. We do.

Created by our in-house animation specialist, an animation is a short cinematic film that presents your new development in a way that’s primed to create an emotional connection with potential buyers.

The movement of light and shadow, roving camera angles, and inset location shots combine to create a beautiful and intriguing viewing experience.

An animation helps your buyer picture how it would actually feel to live in their new home. They’ll see people sitting outside, eating breakfast inside, cycling past.

Afterwards, they’ll have a fuller idea of the lifestyle and living experience you’re offering them. Even if your properties aren’t what we might call “built” just yet.


Architectural Animations - Chapel Wold
Explore unique marketing materials that help you sell

Our in-house style is very cinematic. Your animation presents your development in a fun and interesting way, creating marketing material that feels very different to the norm.

Yours might feature different weathers, times of day, or light qualities, for example. All to prompt a buyer’s imagination and aid them in visualising themselves in the property. It’s something a little different that’s a big help if you’re interested in selling off-plan.

Because while dry schematics and still CGIs are great, an animated film creates a whole other form of connection. One that works in combination with everything else in your marketing package to make living in one of your as-yet-unfinished properties all the more relatable.

Client Example: Cliffe House Farm



Architectural Animations - Paper Edit
How we build your architectural animation

Each bespoke animation we create for our clients is built as an expansion and further exploration of the way we create CGIs.

It’s a process that gives you flexibility and even greater value in the outputs you choose. The key stages include:

  1. Paper draft – this is one of the initial stages of creating an animation. It works just like a storyboard, consisting of a series of CGIs and still shots edited into a video.
  2. Review and comment – working with one of our artists, you’ll review how your animation will portray the story, mood and journey of your development well before it’s finalised.

Social edits – looking for something to create an impact on social media? An animation will really stand out against other marketing materials. After yours is finished, we can create 30-second social edits ideal for this purpose.



Architectural Animations - The Reach
How animation fits in with your marketing package

One of the best things about architectural animation is how it bridges a key gap in your marketing materials, completing the journey you take potential buyers on:

  • Showcase local lifestyle and surrounding area – use a cinematic location film consisting of real footage of the local area with your development in place to provide broader context.
  • Go from immediate area to their new front door – this is where your animation comes in, taking buyers on an emotive, cinematic trip that ignites buyer imagination.

Explore inside the homes you’re building – bring the journey home using interior and exterior CGIs and a virtual tour to create a visual and interactive impression of what their new home will be like.

Client Example: The Reach, Salcombe

Architectural Animations - Chapel Wold
Bring life and cinema to your development marketing

We humans are visual creatures. We can sort of picture what a property might be like from still images and written descriptions. But to really “get” the experience of living in a finished home, the more visual and interactive tools we have at our disposal, the better.

This is all the easier if everything is of a piece. Each animation we create incorporates the style, design and mood of your branding so that everything is consistently part of that larger whole.

Use architectural animation in combination with the rest of your marketing package to create a fully rounded, imagination-stimulating picture of what your development really has to offer. And start selling well before construction begins.




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