Archilime and SketchUp go way back. As poor University students, SketchUp was THE fast, effective and (most importantly, at the time) cost-effective way to bring our 2D designs into the third dimension. Those reasons still remain relevant today as Archilime proudly enters our 7th year as Trimble SketchUp users. With no formal training in SketchUp, we began teaching ourselves (and later, our employees) with the goal of developing an accurate, time-efficient workflow. That said, we understand full-well the difficulties of finding the appropriate material from which to build your knowledge, enabling you to troubleshoot problems as they arise. With a tried-and-tested workflow now in place, this enabled us to really get to work in producing Architectural CGI to assist our clients with selling their properties from plan and gaining planning permission on sensitive projects.

Whether it be friends, clients or even other ArchViz professionals; we have been asked regularly over the course of Archilime’s lifetime, to host training days or courses that would teach them how to model within SketchUp. Archilime Academy’s Head of Operations, Dan Stone, develops all of Archilime’s new recruits and he has been developing a standardised system to train new employees for some years now. Offering a more structured learning program to fledgling CGI Artists allows more room for quality control, whilst also softening the learning curve, which then allows them to move onto more innovative techniques and technologies at a much faster rate.

The next logical step; testing! Using the teachings provided to new Archilime Visualisation employees, Dan has been running Trial sessions for the ‘Access to SketchUp’ course, which aims to deliver high-quality training to novice 3D Modellers – the first of a 3-part process towards Mastery of SketchUp! Due to the development of the Alpha courses, trial sessions and further study, Dan has been awarded accreditations from the ILM and NCFE Training bodies that certify him as a qualified Trainer.

As with all new business ventures, we have the opportunity to collaborate with a team of incredible people and businesses! Attention Media have been a real driving factor in helping us resolve a brand that will drive the Academy forwards in the years to come! Besides the sleek, new-look logo that they have produced for us, Attention Media are also putting together a course manual which will be used as an aid to explain the processes learned within the course.

Another key player in getting the Academy off the ground is Richard Forshaw-Smith at RFS Marketing. His advice has been hugely beneficial in making key decisions that allow us to shape the Academy around the potential delegates that we will be training, and from the entire team we would like to extend a massive thank you for your invaluable guidance over the past few months.
Where we work is important. We know all too well that learning is at its most effective when done in a calm and soothing environment – the most influential reason that the Visualisation side of the company decides to operate in a river-side studio within a stone’s throw from Dartmoor National Park. Holding the Access to SketchUp course at Carpenter Oak’s beautiful showroom stands testament to this train of thought – creative spaces inherently instil a heightened sense of creativity whilst learning.

Every delegate will leave our Access to SketchUp course with the technical knowledge and understanding to design clean, complex and optimised 3D models to be used in their presentations. Alongside this, they will be provided with a comprehensive manual to assist with their personal development once they leave the course, and an after-care program which entitles the delegate to a 30-day consultation phase to help trouble-shoot and further increase the understanding of the software after completing the course.

We are very excited for what the future will bring to the Academy. We have begun the development of a new ‘Top-Up’ service, which targets existing SketchUp users; whereby we offer bespoke coaching defined by the pre-existing skill-set of each individual delegate – stay tuned for more news on this evolving development! An exciting partnership with CADSoft is in the pipeline as we look to gain ATC certification on the Access to SketchUp courses, which we anticipate increasing interest to a wider range of potential SketchUp users across the country!

Now, we are ready to offer you the fully-fledged 2-Day, Access to SketchUp courses, with the last few spaces on the next session on the 28th and 29th March still available! After the March course; the following session will also be hosted at Carpenter Oak’s premises on the 29th and 30th April – stay tuned for more information as we approach Easter! The bespoke ‘Top-Up’ courses will be available upon request – keep an eye out on our marketing material for a detailed explanation of this service hosted by the Archilime Academy.

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