Increased awareness of the many benefits attached to learning 3D design techniques is growing, and with that comes an influx of training centres offering Introduction courses to SketchUp software. In a saturated market what makes the Archilime Academy stand out?

In all stages of Archilime, relationship comes first, and the Archilime Academy is no different. In a recent interview with the lead trainer, Dan Stone, he spoke of how much he enjoyed the room for collaboration that a 3D design module offered him at University, initially. This initial spark from years ago carries through to the Academy now, with huge recognition placed on the importance of nurturing relationships and collaboration with other professionals as a step to creating the best work possible. With this in mind, The Academy is dedicated to the promise of ongoing support for all attendees, recognising the dual benefit of meeting and working with different people within the design and creative industry and the collective opportunities that can arise. The value of ongoing support and connectivity that the Academy offers is unrivaled; why attend a two-day course with an already decided end goal when you could join an already established team of industry trained experts with many creative doors opening along the way?

Alex Gath who has been in Architectural practice for 35 years, recently partook in the Academy’s 2-day introduction to SketchUp Course and notes the courses involvement in “invigorating his professional outlook”.

The entire course content is fundamentally rooted in industry experience, with Archilimes’ creative team continuing to work on highly prestigious projects, both locally and internationally. This collaboration with Archilimes experienced CGI creatives ensures that the course content stays up to date with industry trends and changes, strengthening the courses’ direct application to industry after coaching has finished. Our ongoing personal skill development within this area also enables us to confidently tailor the course content to match any specific interests and needs, ensuring you leave the course with the practical skills required for SketchUp within your profession. SketchUp is widely renowned for its adaptability to so many different industries and applications and all of our courses are committed to helping you realise the great potential this software offers for both you and your work. We are here to show you that SketchUp is the most efficient modelling tool out there. – It’s fundamental in our own workflow here at Archilime!

Stemmed from an already well established creative business, The Academy is working within an industry we already know, teaching from a position of practical knowledge rather than just software proficiency! By engaging with an Archilime Academy Course you can be guaranteed ongoing 30-day support and additional one on one coaching support including a dedicated tutor phone number, access to a comprehensive list of videos, and FAQs and a SketchUp technique manual personally created for use after the course is finished.

The Academy views its courses as a continuing journey of skill development, offering intermediate and advanced courses for those wishing to further their own digital skillset, as well as multiple dates and opportunities available for the 2-day Access into SketchUp Course which is run at the end of every month.

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