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Creating a marketing suite

We love seeing a marketing suite come to fruition, and when we met developers Michael and Holly from what was then known as Concordia projects based in Yorkshire, we caught hold of their vision for their beautiful design-led, wellbeing focussed homes. Our Andas Homes Case Study, shows the process we went through to create their marketing package.

Andas Homes Logo

They asked us to help rename their company to be more reflective of their brand and forward-thinking company values. Research led us to several areas to focus the name inspiration. This lead to exploration into names that had a connotation of wellbeing, space and light in languages that evoked a ‘scandi’ feel. Which is a heavy influence to their interior style.

‘Andas Homes’ was the outcome of the creative conversation. Meaning ‘to breathe’ in Swedish – inspired, we couldn’t wait to work on visual style and colours to match!

Andas Homes logo annotated

We created a thin, elegant wordmark inspired by scandivian lettering. This thin capitalized san serif typeface and soft green tone gives the brand a contemporary modern feel. Attention to generous space around the type gave a light and spacious feel,indicative to their brand essence.

Andas Homes website home page

A new website was the perfect way to communicate the new name, brand and developments. We wanted this to showcase their eye for detail and the overall feel and ethos of the brand. This culminated in large imagery with the navigation being prompted by a bespoke icon representing their logo.

The homepage is a window into the site. Leading the user through shortcuts to each development and guiding them to learn more about the company values. The flow and layout continues across all the pages so the user experience is accessible, informative and clear.

An obvious call to action was paramount, so this followed on from every page, leading to the faces behind the brand.


Chapel Wold logo
Development Naming

In the context of the new company naming and branding, Andas Homes’ next development needed the same treatment to align with the overall brand. But this time communicating the special country development in Kearby, in the golden triangle of Yorkshire.

Chapel Wold was the chosen option representing the hamlet it sits within – Chapel Hill. The word ‘Wold’ had a cosy feel, meaning an elevated tract of open country, and emphasising the attractive location and lifestyle the development offers.

Chapel Wold logo annotated
Development Branding

The visual representation of this development brand took the form of a an arch shape, symbolic of a church/chapel window. Hinting to the location by the view implied with a curved line within. This minimal, line representation paired with a capitalised san serif typeface, gave the tranquil, contemporary essence that their ethos provides. The muted purple colour scheme reflected a sense of calm. It enforces the connection between wellbeing and the lifestyle the development provides in design and location.


The Farmhouse CGI showcasing the back of the property
Exterior CGI

We love seeing a development come to life in a CGI. The farmhouse was the first property visualised, to be followed by another 3 barn properties on the former farm.

This exterior captures the character features of the property while showcasing the beautiful gardens. Our landscape artist James, captured the exterior details of the property, showing the views in the far distance, with attention to detail to the vegetation and bushes.


Chapel Wold brochure telling the company story
Brochure Design

Once the branding was chosen for Chapel Wold, this meant that we then had a set style and direction for the brochure. The brochure itself needed to showcase the development but also give an insight to the location and lifestyle along with the tone of voice in the copywriting.

The brochure needed to look high end and contemporary. With this in mind we kept the pages white but created a title style inspired by the logo. The additional graphic elements including the location map and floor plans had the brand running through them, reflected in the type, colour, and attention to detail that this brand represents.

We can’t wait to see the CGIs becoming reality and watching the site evolve. We look forward to watching customers grasp the Andas Homes brand through experiencing the brand, website and marketing materials that the whole team have interacted with. Explore for yourself…

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