Visualising the Reality and Seeing the Potential

Designing and building your own development. This can be a daunting and frustrating process, but we believe it can, and should, be a thrilling journey where you can live out your dream of designing and visualising your build, resulting in a buzz of enthusiasm and anticipation to see your ideas come to life. We use exciting state of the art methods to show you how we play and interchange your design during a meeting.

This is where 3D Design Development comes into play; an awesome mid-project process stage that allows you to walk or fly around, into and through the potential new development, seeing every aspect of the property before the build even begins. Here at Archilime, nothing is more important than our relationship with our clients. With our 3D Design Development service, we can sit down with you and the Architect/Developer/Interior Designer (we have very good coffee here, too!), and take you on an exploratory journey through your new property where you can feel fully involved in the design development.

Case Study: ‘Boundary House’

One of our most recent exciting projects is ‘Boundary House’. The clients are a wonderful couple who are looking to, in their words, “push the boundaries” with the design of their house, and for it to be an “outstanding building”. Indeed, it will certainly need to meet these expectations, as this build will need special planning permission due to its location. It falls under the ‘paragraph 79’ planning policy (look out for this in our January newsletter), a tricky clause which states that a building must be of ‘outstanding quality’ if planning is to be granted. No fear here though – we like a challenge at Archilime! In fact, we have a very successful track record of creating visualisations for these ‘paragraph 79’ projects, and our 3D Design Development process is a huge help.

Having sat down in the studio with the Designer and our clients, we chatted through where we were with the design of the build, what we loved about it so far, and what we still hoped to achieve. James Lycett, one of our Associate Creatives, took our clients on a tour around ‘Boundary House’ using an X-Box controller, allowing him to access all areas of the proposal! As Dan talked through the design development and highlighted any key areas that were likely to change, James swooped in from a breath-taking bird’s-eye view whilst using full interactivity. This allowed us to see the continuous sweep of the roof (no hard edges to this beautiful build), mirroring the landscape of the countryside that it’s surrounded by and were then able to pick out views that will be critical to advance the build in terms of the planning process. James then transported us inside the spaces to roam freely around the interior aspects of the house, zooming in whenever requested. Architect, Richard Hext, from Stopher Design, was on hand to discuss any structural modifications and opportunities that could potentially be made there and then.

The clients were delighted to see the details of their new home, from the courtyard stones to the exquisite centrepiece staircase inside. They were also able to view the stunning glass lift near the staircase, which is so important to them, as they are keen that this house will be ‘future-proof’; ensuring they will be able to live there as long as they wish. By accessing the property though the 3D Design, the clients felt fully involved in the design process, and were content that the project had the ‘architectural wow’ that they were looking for. They were able to visualise the project, in a way that drawings alone (see our October newsletter ‘Portal to Successful Planning’) or even a model cannot, and we are so pleased that they are enjoying and sharing their architectural visualisation adventure for their dream build with us.

Peace of Mind: Love your Design Development Journey

From our point of view, when planning and designing your development, taking advantage of our 3D3 Design Development Service is cost efficient and makes life for all included in the design of the build so much easier! Why? Because, from our experience, although it is a further cost, it will almost certainly save you money over the build process, as you will be able to make changes before the build happens, and not have to pay for physical changes to the build once it has started taking place. For example, in the past, we have had clients who haven’t use this service, and have had to reorder cladding of flooring because they didn’t have the benefit of seeing it before they ordered! Having to make later changes to the actual build in this way is of course not only costly, but also time-consuming, as alterations during the building process can hold up other areas of the build.

We definitely feel it is a savvy move to use a 3D Design Development Service like ours, in order to be able to discuss material options, landscaping ideas, interior design and architectural detailing before a brick is even laid, rather than have to undo building work to alter it further down the line. The3D Design Development Service stops you wondering, “What might it actually look like?” and brings a greater sense of confidence to the build, from all who are involved; by taking away some of the uncertainty and replacing it with excitement and anticipation for a design you know you are going to love.

For more information on our 3D Design Development process, please go over to our contact page and fire yur details off. We will be sure to be in-touch as soon as possible.