As an intrinsically creative process, there’s no denying that architects continue to rely on paper and pencils as a keynote part of the practice. But that said, cutting edge 3D visualisation technologies have empowered contemporary architects with the scope to enhance almost every aspect of the art.

From capturing initial design ideas to preparing the final blueprints, 3D visualisation has emerged as a powerful tool that allows architects to create, share and digitally anthropomorphise their visions. These technologies have elevated the discipline to a new level, and allowed for unsurpassed innovation.

Curious to know more about how 3D visualisation has revolutionised the industry? Here are some of the keynote benefits that have materialised over the past few decades.


Blending techniques old with new innovations

One of the biggest advantages is the scope to blend the old with the new. While the architecture industry itself is in a constant state of evolution, in some aspects the profession has remained largely traditional. Most notably, the use of pencils and paper retains its artistic allure. However, thanks to computer aided design programmes, architects can now fuse the time-honoured process of hand sketching with digital tools that enhance their abilities, improve their accuracy and speed up the entire process.

Client communication

Another major benefit is the improvement of visual communication. To the untrained eye, architectural drawings and sketches appear unintelligibly chaotic. With 3D visualisation technology on-side, architects can offer clients a clear, authentic and relatable interpretation of their idea. cw2

Enhancing ‘behind the scenes’ efficiency

The digitalisation of the architectural design process has categorically reduced costs across the board. Blueprint revisions that would once have taken hours can now be executed in a matter of minutes using next generation 3D visualisation software. Thanks to digital prototyping services like holography, architects can slash time spent during the planning process, and pass savings onto clients.

Architecture, for all

The architectural sphere is continually changing, and 3D visualisation technology has been hailed for opening up the arena to a new generation of creatives. In the past, the need to master traditional tools and techniques made it hard for anyone but highly trained professionals to break into the niche. However now, 3D visualisation technology has unlocked opportunities for a host of different stakeholders. For example, rather than entrust the entire design process to an architectural firm, 3D visualisation software supports collaboration between contractors, urban planners, mechanical engineers, tradespeople and other key entities. Ultimately, this empowers all key entities with a voice, which heightens efficiency, moderates preventable problems, and pinpoints potential issues, before they happen.

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