Originally limited to pencils, paper and limitless creativity, architects now enjoy access to cutting edge technologies that allow them to bring their ideas to life, without the need for a single brick. 3D floor plans have materialised as a core benefit of next generation design software, offering architects the chance to turn intangible lines, angles and calculations into perceptible visualisations that clients can understand. Think doors, windows, room sizes and even furniture.

So why have architects fallen compass over keyboard for these smart solutions?

Refining the final blueprints

Communal Space view 05

From a construction perspective, 3D floor plans allow architects and construction contractors to identify any issues in the early stages. For example, if certain door and window placements articulated in the 3D floor plan don’t align, changes can be made before walls go up, and adjustments become lengthy, and expensive.

Inspire and excite clients

A core element of scoring architecture contracts is the ability to inspire and excite clients. With 3D floor plans, architects can offer clients a realistic overview of a space, complete with colours, textures and other visual effects like furniture and appliances. Compared to traditional black-and-white bird’s-eye-view outlines, 3D floor plans give a sense of scale, mood and lifestyle. This kicks emotions into gear, and makes it all too easy to get clients to sign on the dotted line, and score a contract.

Long term planning

Furthermore, 3D floor plans allow clients to plan in advance for things that usually take place after the building is completed. The availability of dimensions and placements means built in furniture, standalone furniture, plumbing, electricity and other key elements can be organised in advance, thus streamlining the entire project, from start to finish.

Off the plan

Communal Space view 04

The ‘off the plan’ apartments and housing trend has revolutionised the way people purchase homes. With 3D floor plans, architects and developers can entice potential buyers with a realistic impression of what to expect. These visually rich renderings are exactly what’s needed to convince a buyer to invest a significant sum of money in a property they’ve never seen. Ultimately, they’re a fantastic tool for helping buyers make a final purchase decision.


Humans are intrinsically visual beings, and marketers never cease to play on this characteristic. For this reason, 3D floor plans are a hugely powerful marketing tool for pitching to potential investors, and enticing final buyers. The concept is far more engaging that traditional overhead plans, and 3D floor plans definitely have the scope to be a major part of the sales process.

Hampshire is a hot-spot for new builds, and 3D floor planning software is playing an integral role in helping architects and developers win contracts, and sell properties. For more information on how our 3D Floorplan Visualisation can help you bring an interior space to life, get in touch with one of our in-house experts. Our photo-realistic visualisations are polished and professional, and are ideal for use in brochures, investment briefs and other promotional material.

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