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2021 – In the Archilime-Light

2021 – In the Archilime-Light… where do we start? The news was filled with shocking stories from across the globe, each one hitting our professional and personal lives harder than the last. We’d be lying if we said 2021 had been a breeze, or that we could put a positive spin on the last 12 months but we thought we’d give a good go – if nothing else to remind ourselves how far we’ve come in one of the most challenging years this decade has seen. 



2021 - in the Archilime-light - Isla
Our year in statistics

The A Team:

As our workload grew and our client’s needs expanded we were fortunate enough to welcome 3 new team members to the team!

  • Isla, our wonderful Client Relations Manager, often the first face you’ll see! 
  • Annie, our ingenious Interior Designer and one of our CGI Artists, usually the best presented in the office!
  • Kieran, our lovely Account Manager, you’ll often find Kieran doodling over our CGIs and claiming them as his own!

To accomodate team growth, we decided to undertake some team-building in the form of a DISC assessment.  Designed by Psychologist William Moulton Marston in 1928, the DISC theory was created to predict job performance, improve communication and help teams form stronger bonds. 



Annie Portrait
2021 in the Archilime-light Aller gardens Site Visit - Kieran

The day of training involved a series of tasks and questions that resulted in every team member being ‘profiled’ and talked through how communicating with each personality type differs. The experience revealed that whilst we had a mix of types across the board, we found that we naturally embody the team ethos of relationships. Investing in our people is always a top priority and we’re looking forward to taking our findings forward and building stronger relationships.

Head of Design, Marie, is due to move to Cornwall in 2022 which for most small companies would present a challenge but Jack spotted an opportunity! With Marie heading up our new venture, we are looking at bringing an Archilime Visualisations Studio to Cornwall! We always try to work with our team’s lives and accommodate everyone individually – our team is our core and we really do carry that through everything that we do.



2021 in the Archilime-light - Richmond Grove Branding
A-Class Service

In 2021 we delivered:

  • 13 new brands from scratch
  • 511 property CGIs 
  • Too many Zoom calls!!


  • Added Interior Design as a brand new service to further support the full marketing suite for the property industry
  • Expanded the Design Team’s offering – staying within the property sector, we are now in a position to offer our design services to estate agents, interior designers, architects and suppliers within the industry – traditionally we have focused on developers only so this is hugely exciting!
  • Revisited our own website and made it beautiful
  • Hot Desking venture – We currently have multiple people hot-desking which we’ve found really beneficial to our team culture. We’re looking at potentially bringing this to market in the coming year with various hot desking hubs across Devon.
Academy Lighting

And our Academy delivered:

  • 14 courses across the year plus additional webinars, support sessions and guides.
  • Plan and partnership for our Masterclass in conjunction with KOTO and Chaos Group (coming in 2022)


Richmond Grove Interior CGI
World’s A-head

Plans for 2022 are well underway and whilst we can’t reveal everything just yet, we do have a few snippets we can share!

We will be:

  • Further expanding our team, kicking off with a new Associate Creative in Q1
  • Partnering with Exeter City Living to deliver a full marketing suite for Exeter’s new Passivhaus development
  • Showcasing our first ever Estate Agent website
Richmond Grove Interior CGI
  • Stepping up our animations through Unreal training and implementation
  • A calendar of events for staff and clients
  • Delivering a new Masterclass via our Academy
  • Continuing the growth of our interior design services

So it’s looking to be a busy one for us at Archilime and whilst the future of the world looks uncertain we will keep striving for quality, championing our staff and supporting our clients – 2022 let’s be having you! 


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