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Process of Archilime

Understanding the art of 3D architectural visualisation.

The production of astonishingly vivid and lifelike Architectural visualisations of your architectural & interior designs may appear rather magical to you as our client, but we can assure you that we do not simply pull them out of a hat fully formed…

Without undervaluing ourselves as wizards of the CGI world, it is important for us that our clients understand their role in the creative process, and what the secret ingredients for success are during each phase of development of an Architectural CGI.

Our intention here is to make the 3D visualisation production process as transparent and comprehensible as possible so that you as our client can understand exactly what is happening and what we need from you at each stage in the process. We have set out to demystify the whole affair, bringing you peace of mind and ensuring the best possible experience and outcome of working together.



Presenting the brief…

This is your big moment in the process! For optimum magic to happen you will present us with your complete design and at least 3/4 of the final information we will need to complete your design. Don’t worry, we have a checklist for that!

We recommend that, as soon as you know that you would like to include 3D architectural CGI’s of your design in your final presentation package or planning application, you drop in to the office, give us a call or send us an email to find out what kind of information you need to be gathering now to make the process as smooth and effective as possible when you send over your finished designs.

We will ideally need at least 5 days lead time to assure you the booking slot you deserve, possibly more if it’s a large project, as we are a boutique agency with a thriving client list so we really need to book in good time to make sure we can always deliver on schedule.



Step by step process guide…

There are three phases to creating your finished photo-real 3D visualisations which require different sets of information from the client and different tools for the designers.


  1. Constructing the visualisation

This is where we lay out all the individual elements and dimensions of the space to provide the structure. At this stage we need accurate measurements and floorplans as well as interior design mood-boards and room layouts.




  1. Adding colour, texture and lighting

This is where we start to bring your designs to life by adding in the colours and textures of your planned interior and exterior finishes and fittings.

If you have the aesthetics and final look of your interiors all worked out, we will need both a colour scheme and interior design layout or exact item specifications so that we can source graphics for these elements directly from the suppliers.

Alternatively, we pride ourselves on our interior design capabilities and really enjoy the creative process of bringing your structures to life with our own take on a fitting style and finish for your interiors. Sometimes when going to market a set of properties, this area simply has not been discussed yet. We can help but handling all of the interior design layout aspects and put together a very clean, easy selling scene.

We will also need to understand the location of the property in its surrounds, so that we can understand and replicate how the natural light will enter the property and interact with its surfaces and display this to best effect by choosing the best angles for the CGI designs.




  1. Rendering the design for a photo-real finish

Rendering is the term for an array of complex computational processes that serve the purpose of taking a snapshot of the 3D model we have created of your design and making it look like a photograph of something that is absolutely real. This process can take hours or days, depending on the complexity of the project, and involves a variety of techniques to simulate light interacting with different surfaces and materials, which bring your design to life.




Review, revisions and sign off…

Now that the major work is done and we have created photo-real 3D visualisations of your interior or exterior property designs, we will send them over to you for review and feedback. There may be a few minor tweaks you would like us to make, this is the time to let us know and we can certainly do that.

This is not the time to come up with a totally new angle on the brief. We understand and expect that ideas evolve and requirements change, so do let us know as soon as this happens – even if we are right in the middle of working on it – so we can save our time and your money and get to the result you are looking for in the most efficient way possible.

We consider ourselves a super approachable team and if you have concerns, questions or doubts at any point in the process we are more than happy to receive a visit or a call from you to chat it over and put your mind at ease, or to come up with a new direction that better fits the bill.

Once we have tweaked the final images to your exact requirements, we know you will be delighted with the results. We always seek to exceed your expectations and enjoy the look of surprise and the “wow” factor we often experience when we deliver our final draft 3D visualisations to a client. Now off to market with your beautifully showcased designs and on to property development success!


Archilime are architectural visualisation experts and we are dedicated to transforming your creative vision into reality. If you would like to discuss this article or any of our services in greater detail then please feel free to get in touch via email or give us a call on 01364 654 267.