Interior Architectural Visualisation
Interior Architectural Visualisation
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3D Printing Architecture

Why 3D Printing is About to Blow Architecture Wide Open

Advances in 3D printing have meant that its use in a variety of industries is now very probable. From fashion to health, food to weapons – the possibilities are literally endless. Exciting times indeed. The potential use that we are going to focus on in this article is how 3D printing might impact architectural design, […]

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Architectural Visualisation Services Dartmouth

The Difference Between CGI & Photo-montage

We often get asked ‘What’s the difference between CGIs and Photo-montages?’ by potential customers. Well let’s start by explaining, for those that don’t already know, exactly what CGI is. CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery, which simply means images that are generated using computer software. These images are lifelike 3D architectural renderings and are usually in […]

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Virtual Reality

The Use of Virtual Reality Technology in Architecture

One of the biggest issues that faces Architects today is how can they adequately convey the vision of their project to their end customer. Currently, this usually happens with the aid of plans and models but this doesn’t always show an accurate depiction of the architect’s vision. Recent advances in computer technology has meant that 3D […]

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Architectural Visualisation Services

2Sided material & Proxy conversion

Hello everyone! Firstly, thank you for the amount of requests we have had asking us to put this together, we can finally release something that should not only help your workflow in general but also your understanding of OBJ files to proxy files. If you are finding the images to small, jsut click on them […]

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Guillermo Oursi, Render Arch Interview

  Hi Guillermo, thank you for taking part in this interview, its a fascinating feature we have in this month’s newsletter, lets get down to it!   1-   What were the series of events that led to you becoming an Architectural and Product CG Artist, and why did you decide to take that route? – […]

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Exterior Architectural visualisation

Monti-Petrie, Salcombe Featured

This month we were approached by an architects practice, MP2 Design in Malborough, who had been working on a project overlooking a beautiful cove in Salcombe, Devon. The site in question is defined by a steep south-facing hillside, with views over the sea, and the design of the building is a perfect response to accentuate these […]

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Exterior Architectural Visualisation

The Making of D3 Silo, Cornwall

Hi everyone, this blog explains how the scene was created with information about the project itself. This is not the only way to develop a complex scene, but, for this project, it is a choice that worked for us. This is not a comprehensive tutorial on materiality and model strategy, but more about sharing the […]

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Kamppi Chapel Of Silence

Making of the Kamppi Chapel

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The BIG idea journal

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Architectural Visualisation East Cambridgeshire

The addition of real-world imperfections is taking architectural visualisation to the next level

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