Interior Architectural Visualisation
Interior Architectural Visualisation
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Our Company Charter…

New Year, New Commitments… Our promises to our clients for 2018   As 2017 draws to a close we have been reflecting on what really matters to us – and that is our clients, our customers. We measure our success by their success, and their satisfaction with the architectural visualisations we produce as we carry […]

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Navigating the minefield of outsourced architectural CGI

Navigating the minefield of outsourced architectural CGI.   At Archilime, we regularly have clients coming to us who have had their fingers burned by a difficult experience with another agency, who have promised to produce their 3D property development CGI for fantastic prices on a tight turnaround – but failed to deliver. Quality, budgets and […]

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The must know’s about your Arch Viz company

The must-know’s about your 3D visualisation company.   What every architect, Designer and property developer should know about their 3D Visualisation agency…   When you have a high-end property development on your hands, choosing the right partners to team up with at every stage of the process is crucial to the quality and success of […]

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Architectural Visualisation Services Dartmoor

Architectural Photo-Montage’s needed for planning applications?

Architectural Photo Montage – A standard requirement for successful planning applications? The majority of successful property development planning applications now include a 3D photo montage of the proposed development in situ. Less than five years ago when Archilime started out, it was only the higher-end developments that would approach us to commission this kind of […]

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In-House CGI & the quality assurance factor

Keeping local expertise at the heart: How our in-house CGI experts provide quality assurance and ongoing support for our client.. When a client commissions 3D architectural visualisations to support off plan sales of their property design, they rely heavily on the quality of our CGI images to portray realism and accuracy. These images are created […]

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What 360 VR panoramic tours can offer you as a client.

Put your clients in the picture with immersive virtual reality tours for property development. Gone are the days of the two dimensional glossy brochure and clients tying their imagination in knots to get a real feel for a property from a floor plan. Now virtual reality tours can be taken with the help of 360 […]

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Top 5 Amazing UK Barn Conversions

Farm and barn conversions provide a true challenge for architects and project management teams. When undertaking such a project, there is a whole host of different considerations and potential minefields to avoid. Building a house from scratch is straightforward enough – You can plan every little detail from the foundations upward and have full control […]

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Architectural Visualisation – What’s in Our Toolkit?

Here at Archilime, we take architectural visualisation very seriously – We believe that having the correct set of tools is just as important as having the know-how and ability to perform a certain job. In an industry such as ours that requires a great deal of advanced technical equipment, there is no room for inadequacy […]

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How Virtual Reality Is Revolutionising Property Sales

10-15 years ago, the concept of virtual reality was just that – A Concept. The thought of virtual reality was a wondrous one that felt like an unachievable goal – First attempts at this concept were clumsy and poorly executed. Fast-forward to the present however and it seems that this technology is becoming a reality […]

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