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About Archilime

Archilime Visualisations produce bespoke photo-realistic 3D architectural visualisations and designs for architects, property developers, interior and landscape designers across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Our growing team of in-house creatives specialise in high end bespoke interior design as well as exterior CGI and brochure work for a range of clients.

Our Story

We are proud to be among the forerunners in a new wave of creative enterprises establishing a base in Devon. Our founder Jack Dicker and senior creative Dan Stone became friends during their architectural degree studies at Plymouth University, where Jack developed a fascination with property development CGI, discovering that artists would create their own light sources within 3D architectural visualisations, which sparked his interest in developing a specialism in the sector.

After cutting his teeth in some of the larger London agencies, Jack returned in 2013 to what really lights him up and founded Archilime from an old spare room at home, with years of industry experience, a degree and a solid foundational understanding of architecture and design to build on. From these humble beginnings, Jack’s evident passion and professionalism have drawn in and retained a growing client list from across the globe as well as a team of highly skilled visual artists seeking growth, challenge and creative adventure.

In the last year the in-house design team at  Archilime has expanded with the addition of two highly experienced property CGI specialists. This transformation from fledgling enterprise to established boutique agency has led to an exciting relocation from Jack’s home office to rather palatial new offices overlooking the River Dart.

Our team

Our highly adventurous senior creative Dan Stone is excited about the opportunity to expand his horizons in the coming year, bringing elements of the most cutting edge 3D architectural visualisation styles to clients who are looking to go beyond the ordinary in their design projects:

“I love meeting and working with forward-thinking clients that challenge us professionally. I am a huge fan of using elements of industrial architectural styles in residential properties, and the post-modern organic and prairie styles of architecture. I’d love to be able to tie these together on a project in the future.”

Our team is now going from strength to strength and we share a strong vision to continue this growth by offering the best property development CGI in Devon and the Southwest and expanding across the UK providing animation and still artwork to all types of creative industries.  Dominic looks forward to making a splash by setting his talent loose on some challenging projects:

“Creative freedom is the icing on any design-related cake. Ambitious projects reward the highest level of satisfaction upon completion and arguably it’s that satisfaction that drives us.”

Dominic And Jack Archilime Visualisations

Our culture

Relationships come first at Archilime, and to reflect this our new offices operate an “open door” policy and we always welcome prospective clients to drop by for a coffee and bounce some ideas around.  Effective communication with our clients is primary and your comfort and clarity from consultation stage to finished visuals is of the utmost importance to us. This is our speciality and we are here to support you throughout the process to feel confident that we can showcase your design to optimum effect.

Our Future

With plenty of room to expand in our new offices, we have no intention of resting on our laurels and will continue to surf the wave of growth in the industry and in our own project portfolio. The last year has been an exciting one for Archilime, exploring new frontiers by growing our client list beyond the UK and Europe to include some high profile developments in the Middle East.

Every great architectural triumph begins as a conversation between bright minds, and as a team we are certainly are ripe and ready for fresh challenges so why not pop in and put us through our paces!